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Privacy Policy

Our Promise

Simplistic Designs will ensure that your personal and sensitive data is obtained, processed, maintained and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. This includes any information about a living person.

Data Control

Simplistic Designs will control the data you supply and we agree to collect and control this information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Our detailed contact information can be found on the contact page of our website. If you would like to view our contact information, please visit the the contact page (

Information Collection

We collect information from you when you submit an query, visit our website, call us and send us an email. The information we collect is:

Your name Your company name (if applicable) Your contact details (address, telephone number, email address etc)

Data Accuracy

Simplistic Designs attempt to keep all stored information up to date. We will update any information we are informed about being incorrect or find to be incorrect as soon as possible. The Data Protection Act 1998 requests that we allow a person to see any information an organisation has about them and we are happy to do so but retain the right to ask for a small fee to cover administration.

Online Statistics

Information is constantly collected from our website and displays information about our visitors. This is used to provide us with statistics which are useful in aiding our marketing strategies.

Information Uses

We will only use the information you provide us with to:

Make improvements to the service we offer Complete your requests Supply you with information or quotations requested Conduct Market Research

Simplistic Designs won't ever sell or share your personal data with another individual or company.

Data Security

We understand the importance of data and have taken all reasonable measures to prevent unauthorised access both in electronic and physical states.


Simplistic Designs reserve the right ammend the Privacy Policy at any time.